Everyone admits the importance of color combination in home decoration. Similar is the case with rugs, rugs’ color needs a lot of consideration when you are buying them. Your preference is not the only factor; you should keep the other elements in mind as well while selecting the color of the rug. The color of the rug depicts the overall mood and space of the room. 

Before choosing the rug, visualize the whole scheme in your mind; if it seems well, go for that color otherwise think of another option. For a room full of decorated colorful walls and furniture, any shade of rug can go well. 

People go red, maroon or burgundy rugs mostly because these colors create a classic and royal look. Primarily when you talk about the red rugs, they are extensively used at royal palaces. Therefore the red rugs can be the best choice for your place, and they go well with any interior. Now that you have selected the color to consider the other factors too before going to buy the rug. 

Size and Placement of the Rug  

The biggest mistake is that many people think of rugs as fillers. And end up buying a rug that does not suit their place. It makes their room look smaller than the actual size. Therefore, the right size rug is necessary to buy. Also, a rug bigger than your place can make your place look stuffy and crampy but going for a bigger rug is more practical than going for a smaller one. 

  • An average rug is always ten to twenty inches away from the wall for smaller rooms.
  • For bigger rooms, the rugs are about twenty-four inches away from the wall. 
  • Rugs must be kept in the center of the room, leaving equal space from all sides.

Pick Easy-Clean Rug Materials

Clean Rugs

Rugs are made of different fabric materials which include wool, cotton, and others. Always go for those rugs that are easy to clean and maintain and do not need much care.

  • Cotton and wool rugs are easy to clean.
  • Do not buy the rugs that are made of synthetic hybrid fabric materials.
  • Rugs made of sterling components are also easy to clean and maintain.

How to Choose Rug Fabric Material?

  • Rugs are meant to be placed on the floor; therefore, there is an excellent chance of getting them dirty. Always choose the rug’s fabric material carefully.
  • Choose the rugs which are easy to handle, clean, and maintain. 
  • If you have kids or pets, always go for the durable rugs.
  • Soft and fluffy rugs keep your smartphones safe whenever you drop them accidentally.
  • Do not go for fiber rugs if you have any allergy issues.
  • Choose the rugs made of organic fabric material, i.e., jute or sea-grass, & sisal as they limit the sliding ability of rugs but are hard to clean. 

Rug Designs and Styles

Well, rug designs and styles are of great importance, you must select them carefully. Choose the one which goes well with the interior of your place. Always choose the rug design according to the shape of your room. Do not go for a round red rug if you have a square and rectangular room. Match the rug with the walls and furniture of the room too. Patterned and printed red rugs go well with any room and add a more royal and enriched look. Whereas, the solid red rugs give a more sober and calming effect.

Go for any one, it’s all your choice… 

Best Combinations for Red Rug

  • For a bold look, red rugs go well with golden walls and interior.
  • For a soft look, red rugs must be combined with light yellow, butter yellow or lemon shades.
  • You can go for a bold red rug with orange and rust colored walls for a bolder and brighter look.

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