Curtains are called the window/door clothing or window/door coverings. They perform several functions like keeping the sun out, maintaining the temperature, saving energy, reducing electricity bills, and decorating your place.  Curtain designing is now becoming a profession and people are doing degrees in it. Many designers also launch their curtains each season or twice a year. 

Door curtains can be bought classified into three main categories, ready made curtains, custom made curtains, and made to measure curtains. 

 Readymade Door curtains

Readymade curtains are ready to hang curtains. They are the quickest and easiest way to transform the look of your place. All you need is to browse any online store or go to some home decor retailers, choose the desired curtains and hang them straight away. 

Custom made Door curtains

Custom made curtains are not like the readymade ones. They are made according to the demand and the preference of the customer. Like if you do not have a standard-sized door, you are unlikely to find any readymade curtains for it. In this situation, you’ll be referred to as go for the custom made curtains. You’ll have to give them the measurements of your window and they will make the curtains accordingly. 

Made to measure Door curtains

These are like the curtains you make your own. Everything is of your choice, from the color scheme of curtains to the design of curtains, and from the fabric material to the size. When compared, made to measure curtains fall in the most expensive curtains. After all, they are designed for you only.

Best Door Curtains styles

Other than these main categories, curtains are divided into various types. These types are based on the heading style of the curtains, these are called the heading styles. It includes eyelet or ring, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, single or double pleat curtains, and tab top curtains. 

Eyelet curtains: eyelet curtains are also called the ring curtains. They have the metal rings at the heading and are punched there permanently. These are hung on the curtains’ poles. Eyelet curtains are the most widely used ones.

Pencil pleat curtains: pencil pleat is another poplar curtain heading. They have pleats at the top of the curtains. These pleats are in pencil shape and are driven close together with the help of strings, which are present on both sides.

Why are Door Curtains used?

Door curtains are used for their functionality. Front door curtains are the most functional. They help to block the unwanted light entering your place. They provide you privacy and make your place look beautiful. By using the door curtains you can keep your life private and block the privacy invasion. While curtains are open, nobody can guess what is going inside or either there is someone present or not.

Door curtains protect your door and increase their lifespan. They save them from excessive sun exposure and keep the texture fresh and new. You can also hide the old and worn out doors by using an appropriate door curtain. This will bring style and beauty to your place with exceptional features as well. Door curtains are the easiest way to change the appearance of your place. For instance, if you planning a renovation but have a limited budget, buying new door curtains is the best option instead of changing your door.

Door curtains provide you with extra insulation against the thermals and draughts. They make a tough task easier and maintain the temperature of your place effortlessly. This will also save you money on electricity bills and save you quite many units as well. During summer, they will block the sunlight from coming into your place directly and make your place cool. Similarly, in the winter season, curtains will let all the sunlight come in and warm up your place.

Moreover, when you are using the door curtains, your doors do not get dirty. They help the door to stay clean and germ-free. This will make your cleaning process easy. Curtains are easy to clean as compared to the doors. You can wash or replace them whenever you need them, unlike the doors.

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